Have you had those days when you are late for something and get delayed further because you can’t seem to find your keys? They are never to be found where you left them. No matter how careful you are with these little things, you can never seem to find them when you need them most. If you have been through such times, then here’s presenting a simple yet effective solution to the issue. ‘Find My Stuff – Find your keys, wallet, car or other stuff in seconds!’, an iOS app is here to help you out with exactly this.


There are so many of our little and yet important things that get misplaced often. Even though we try looking for them, we can never find them when we need them most. These things include wallets, keys, cars and other belongings. There’s absolutely nothing more annoying than misplacing things that are essential and important both. By helping you solve this issue, Find My Stuff makes your life so much simpler. It reduces undue stress and helps you stay calm and composed at all times.

This app can be your saviour without giving you much trouble. It is very simple to use and extremely handy. Basically, this app can help you locate any object that has a beacon attached to it. All kinds of popular beacon models are supported on it to give you full flexibility. Once you mark anything with a beacon, this app will track it and make sure that you know where it is at all times. This tracking is real time and keeps you updated at all times.

The interface of the app has been designed very well. All your important objects can be viewed on a map. The current location of each object is marked on the map so that you can find it easily. Also, you can find the distance from each object in real time. This way, you can know if an object is in your range or out of your range. Additionally, the location history changes of each object can be viewed on the app at any time you like. This ensures that you can back track and find your important things.


The app supports iCloud integration so that it can be enabled on all your iOS devices. By doing this, you can view the object map on any device that you are using. This flexibility is very helpful when you are in a hurry and need to find something at the earliest. Another awesome feature is that the app sends you a notification alert if any object is lost or stolen. The chances of losing your objects are further reduced by this.

Find My Stuff – Find your keys, wallet, car or other stuff in seconds! is available in the App store for free download. It requires 20.5 MB of memory space and iOS 8.0. It also requires permission to use your GPS at all times. While this can be a drain on your battery, it is not much of a price to pay indeed.

Good: iCloud integration

Bad: None

Worth Having App – Download the App