Review APIs help you find all the review data from various sources for millions of products or services. The API helps you to improve your product or service when you rely on them to shape the future of your business or entrepreneurship. Reviews be the mirror of users’ thoughts and they reflect your performance as an individual or business head.

The advantages of a review API are many. It helps you to track the blind spots, improve your pricing structures, track your customer sentiments and monitor them to prevent any crisis before it happens. Review Data also assists in creating AI models and also aid in machine learning. The list of benefits in scraping your reviews be it a product review, a book review, a web application, travel review and others are many.  

One perfect API crafted for all of this is the Review API. The API comes with complete documentation that helps integration with other software or website much easier. The Review API also has a number of plans to meet the needs of different users. The plans are named small, medium, large and extra large with varying price amounts.

What I admired more about Review API is their awesome customer service that helps you in and out when you contact them through the contact form or email them. You may have general or technical issues and all of it will be resolved in no time. Personal support is given to all paid users. The plans have varying number of requests per month, HTTPS encryption, service level agreement, onboarding and type of support.

Billing can be made on a monthly or yearly basis. If you have bigger business plans then it is better for you to opt for annual plans so that you get more benefits. The medium plan is more popular among users and all the plans can be downgraded, upgraded or cancelled based on your needs at the time of your choice.

With Review API, you can scrape reviews from 30+ sources and build your custom reports or apps. The API lets you to dig deeper on reviews from Google, Product Hunt or Yelp, Trip advisor and a lot more. The API relieves you from the time consuming process of scraping reviews that involves adding different data sources, adaption to markup changes and managing proxy networks. Scraping becomes easy, fast and reliable with this one ultimate API thereby enabling you to manage your brand with comfort and ease.

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