Travelling abroad is a brave step to take. You might be feeling like being lost in a land of nowhere with no one to help you out. In just a few seconds, everything that was revolving around you has vanished. It feels like your entire social network, people you have been in touch are all gone and you have to start with a new community to be in the comfort zone. 

Homeis is a social networking app that has come for the rescue of people living in a foreign land. Install the app and connect using your Facebook or Email account. It comes as a great means to connect with individuals and share valuable information. Not just that, Homeis will be the single place to join, connect and discover locals who share the same culture, interest and needs as yours. 

Given by Homeis Inc, the app is a guide that helps the expats and immigrants of other nations with different activities like opening a bank account and visa applications to filing your taxes. The app helps users find career opportunities. You can also post and find places to live in a neighbourhood you wish. The app also allows users to make use of it as a marketplace to buy, sell, pick up or drop off items. With Homeis, users can also arrange and join events and make groups by forming friends under different categories like work, hobbies, etc. 

Homeis help you locate the most renowned local restaurants and bars that remind you of your home and are recommended by those people of your community. You can also know the best places and services and save it for your future visits. You can discover the different professionals like lawyers, doctors, etc who belong to the same community as yours. The app has got a clean interface that helps you to use it without any hassles. Kudos to the team for coming up with this creative app. Apart from the app, you can also use the website to get access to the different things you want to do.

You can also write to the team on in case you need to share any feedback or get your queries answered. Homeis is compatible with iOS 9.0 or later versions or Android 4.3 or later versions. It is completely free for download and is available in English, French, Hebrew and Spanish languages. With Homeis, you are one step away from expanding the community with the members of your homeland.

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