The video is one of the best way to passing a message, information or even sharing your feeling with your beloved people in a better way, Eva is an iPhone app which does exactly that. The app is build with modern video technology and requires Android 8.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone and is the perfect way to share your story with your friends and the world. Eva lets you take or create video entries or the topics you like or interested in, share your thoughts and even create you the real life stories of yourself inform of a video.

The app provides a platform for creating a video of your diary, lifestyle and share your interest with the world around you. With this app, you can keep your videos and memories in a secure cloud and later used it life in one way or another.


When one takes a video, it is automatically uploaded to your feed and to the public feed where people using the app can access. The app employs the use of harsh tags; this allows you upload the video and tag the related topic. With this, one can search and get the video using the tag you gave. This makes the app amazing as one can search the videos he or she likes and play them.


  • Friends section; – at this section you can see your friends in Eva app, you can receive what your friends shares directly in the news feed.
  • Public section; – in this section, you can see what others and you have shared with the public.
  • Favorites; – there is a section for favorite which contains videos you like, this will enable you to find them easily.
  • My feed; – there is a section for your feed where you can access what others have shared on your timeline.
  • Trends; – there is also a section for trends. In this section, you can see what is trending at the moment, the previous week and in the previous month.
  • In the timeline you can comment on the videos, like and even share with others.



  • People who use Eva real unlike other video engines, you can engage different personalities, get their inspiring stories and opinions, be entertained and get to know what other people are doing every day.
  • The app contains dynamic content which varies every day. This enables users to explore different things and learn.
  • The app is reliable as one can take short or unlimited video. This enables users to share their views and information exhaustively.


  • With this app, you can only share videos only and not other stuff.

Final verdict

Eva app is one of the best video engines with perfection. The app provides best platform for sharing instant videos with friends and the world. With its simplicity, the app meets elegance, and people should use Eva as it is one of the best social networks to explore. With Eva app, one can meet real people, real interest, and real social platform.

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