As a motivator professional, I have certain things to share this Enlightened Meditation which is qualitatively regarded to be No. 1 App for meditation & motivation. It must come as a surprise to no one that I enjoy this app thoroughly. This app to be beneficial, unique, and they’re absolutely great at expanding their salient features. It’s like having a Life coach in your back pocket.

The users can come across some of the world’s leading teachers, coaches, athletes, and motivational speakers to support with more than 300 videos. Each video provides an experience in which uniquely curated content is designed to help you perform at the apex of your abilities. Whether you are looking to reduce stress & anxiety, improve focus, or find your purpose and passion, the app is here to promote growth throughout your journey. Your mental health is being top priority because the main mission is to help you live a life of fulfilment with an abundance of happiness. So stress less, smile more.

Key Features of Enlightened Meditation

  • Meditation sessions for motivation, inspiration, focus, breath control & much more
  • Improve mindfulness and mental health and learn how to practice self-love
  • Get insights from some of the world’s top teachers, athletes, self-help gurus, motivational speakers & more
  • Improve concentration by learning how to clear your mind and developing a positive mindset
  • Be more mindful and gain awareness through self reflection
  • Fight anxiety and depression by focusing on positivity through meditation
  • Track your progress with the daily journal

Videos range from 3 to 45 minutes and feature content intended for:

  • Mindfulness
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Happiness
  • Love
  • Relaxation
  • Work Engagement
  • Enlightened Kids
  • Family
  • Beginners
  • Sleep
  • Mental Health
  • Energy
  • Chakras
  • Spirituality
  • Music (Binaural Beats)
  • Manifestation (Law Of Attraction)
  • Motivation
  • Success
  • Wealth

Are users ready for more?

You can come across many incredible teachers and coaches available for one-on-one virtual sessions to assist you dive deeper into your personal practice and overcome obstacles you may be experiencing. Many challenges that can prevent you from connecting, but you are not alone. This popular app has been designed to be with you throughout your entire day.

When you are overwhelmed with stress, it is best to engage you in meditation. When inspiration is at an all time low, this app is there to motivate and transform. Your homepage features a meditation tracker, a daily inspirational quote, and a gratitude journal. You can also come across curation with wide variety of merchandise in full store to enhance your wardrobe with stylish and thoughtful pieces meant to show off your new favorite App. So you can use meditation to find motivation and inspiration from deep within.


This Enlightened Meditation app wholly satisfies all requirements for users. Overall the developers did an amazing job with the features and concepts.