In the fast paced world, these days people do not get time to relive the sweet and sour moments of the past. Edge Diary gives a solution to the people driven by technology who wants to store memories in some form to cherish them in the future. It is a digital diary where a person can write daily diary, put notes for the future dates, and read the diary or notes added to the past dates.

The Features and The Interface

The app comes with a simple to use interface with the date slider on the left hand side and the space to add the notes on the right hand side. Any date is accessible by going to the calendar page in the Edge-Diary app and the notes or diary entry are added to the selected date. Apart from this the user can also add a photo to the notes from the phone gallery or by directly capturing a moment using the phone’s or tablet’s inbuilt camera.

The user can search for the notes or diary entries, view the added pics, edit or delete an already existing entry for some date. On the bottom of the screen is the navigation panel which has buttons to reach the gallery page, the calendar, the access to the camera, the link for the notes page for the selected date, the favorites, the search button, delete a diary entry or settings button.

The Pros of Edge-Diary

This simple to use app has many benefits that make it an amazing utility app. Some of the advantages of this app are:

Easy to Use Interface – All the options are available on all the screens and it is easy to navigate between them.

Addition of Photos – Addition of photos to the notes makes the memory or note more meaningful. You can relive the memories by viewing the photos later whenever you want.

Search Feature – The search feature provides an extra edge to this diary app as the user can search the entry made in some past date if he remembers the context of the added notes.

Mark a Diary Entry as Favorite- The most important memories or notes can be marked as favorites so that it is easily accessible when the user needs it.

Sync with Apple Cloud – You can transfer the data in the Edge-Diary app to and from the Apple Cloud. This means that your data is secured at Apple Cloud even in case of damage to the phone.

The Cons of Edge-Diary

There is nothing much that can go wrong with such a simple to use application. However, a feature to add a reminder for a future date would have done wonders for the forgetful users.

The Final Verdict

The application is available for both iPhone and iPad. It is easy to use and the navigation is smooth and self-explanatory. The application provides a way to connect to the past memories very easily. The feature to sync with Apple Cloud makes it secure to use. All in all, the Edge-Diary is a good utility application that adds value to the user’s iPhone or iPad.

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