There are so many good ways to kill time today using your smartphones. Android has a vast variety of apps that will suit the needs of just everyone. One such app is Eat Me!.This Android game provides pure entertainment, challenge and fun- helping you make the most of your leisure time. At first, it seems like a children’s’ game. This myth is broken the minute you start playing it.

The crux and the addictiveness of this game are contained in the challenge it has to provide. Each level is more challenging than the previous one. Players cannot proceed to the next level until they complete the current one. This way, the challenges will keep you hooked to a single level for much longer than you can imagine. Clearing each individual level is a challenge in itself.


To add to the challenging element, the graphics and clarity of the game are fabulous too. The characters have a cool cartoonish look and design to them, with a vibrant splash of colors. The background and game environment have been developed well too. The characters are so adorable that they can make the hearts of adults melt too.

The game concept is an extremely simple one. You are a hungry gold fish and your job is to eat all the smaller ones. In the process, you must watch out for the bigger fishes that could eat you up. The big fishes act as obstacles in your path, adding to the challenge element tremendously. As you eat the smaller fish, your gold fish will keep growing in size. The aim of the game is to keep growing in size till you are the largest one in that level. There are simple obstacles along the route to keep you engaged and interested.


It is these obstacles that make the game so incredible and worth playing. They are responsible for keeping users engaged in the game for hours on end. The fish characters of various sizes are cute and adorable! You can see a variety of fishes that you would not get to see in real life. You just need to keep eating and watch out for the big fishes that could eat you up. To add to the twist, the smaller fishes also have some defences like dropping eggs.

The ocean theme of the game has been beautifully laid out and designed. Developers Junglee Games do deserve a mention for their creativity and patience in terms of developing the user interface. There are multiple touch controls and also the option of using a virtual joystick.

The game also has a leader board to motivate users to keep playing and get better at the game at every level. You can also share your score with friends and family via social sharing integrated within the app. each game can take up to 100 players and has 5 adorable fish to pick among. Keep eating non-stop and face the obstacles with all your determination and skill. This is one game worth downloading for those that have some time to kill.

Good: Excellent game graphics

Bad: None

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