If you love gaming, arcade games are the most popular ones among kids. Games like Pac-Man, Super Mario, Tetris have been very successful games and are a piece of history. Why? It’s because they are very easy to learn. Not just children! These types
of games even grab the attention of teenagers and adults who love gaming and play games to keep them engaged. If you love playing arcade games, here’s Eat the Man – a brand new and interesting game for you to try.

About the Game

Eat Man is a free arcade game for Android users from MDeeApp, a gaming studio from Italy. This is MDeeApp’s 12th game to be released in Google Play store. Eat the man is an offline game for kids and the younger generation. The game is about the man who is stranded on a remote planet and is waiting for your help to get him back to earth. There’s danger everywhere in the remote planet with monsters. But the twist in the tale? Become the food for the monster and spring back to life to complete the level.

The Gameplay

Eat the man starts off with the character standing on a block ready to start his mission to the spaceship. The controls are very minimal – two buttons on the left bottom of the screen for forward (>) and backward (<) movement. The button on
the right is to make the character jump (^) between obstacles.

The goal of the game is to navigate through six different worlds before getting on to the spaceship. Each world has multiple levels. In every level, the man has to pass through different, complex hurdles and finally reach the monster to get eaten. Grab
the diamonds from each level to open up new worlds. Get ready to defy the gravity, become the monster’s food, collect diamonds, pass through multiple worlds and get back home.

Features of the game

The game has some cool features like –

  • Different levels, interesting obstacles– In each level, you must clear different types of obstacles. Rotating elements, opposite rotating blocks with spikes, spiked stars, rockets, spiders, bouncing elements and lots more. Use your skills to
    get through these obstacles. Get unlimited lives to pass through the different worlds.
  • Checkpoints and diamonds– Collect diamonds as you pass through different levels to unlock new worlds. Checkpoints save your game progress. You can restart from the checkpoint if you fail to clear any obstacle.
  • Black and White colour theme and design– All the obstacles and the elements of the game are in black and white. The design is very simple and elegant.
  •  Feel the gravity– You have all reason to feel the gravity since you are caught in the outer space! The character can walk upside down and jump between the obstacles, without falling.

Pros and Cons

  • Simple and elegant theme, music and graphics
  • Very easy to understand and master the game. Watch the kids master the game in no time.
  • Unlimited lives to let you keep on playing the game
  • Cons – Though checkpoints save your game progress, there’s no way you can exit from the game. You must force close the game to stop playing. We do hope the developers will have this on their to-do list for the upcoming releases

Game Requirements and Download Instructions

You can download the game from Google Play Store. You need to have –

  • Android phone or tablet devices
  • Android version 5+

If you love the game as well or feel there’s something that can be added or improved in the game, please share your feedback with the developers.

Worth Having App – Download the app