TrypScore lets you earn gift cards, rewards, discounts and prizes just by driving! Driving safely, to be more specific. It’s available to download on iOS and Google Play now!

A hands-free app with automatic trip start and stop detection, it measures your driving behaviour and scores you based on acceleration, braking, steering and other factors. There are also ‘Pyns’ which are physical locations you can drive to if you want to collect even more points. The safer you drive, the more points you get! The essence of the app is earning points and using those to redeem for rewards.

It’s all in the spirit of promoting safer driving, and we like apps that try to make the world a better place.

If you’re an infrequent driver, there are trivia (or Tryvia) questions to answer for points and also weekly challenges. So even if you’re not commuting daily, you can earn enough points to redeem some nice rewards.

With plenty of ways to earn points, this is an app that can benefit all drivers. The best thing? TrypScore is working super hard to make our roads safer and improve our driving behaviour. Want to be part of the solution? Check out the app on iOS and Google Play today!