Clearly, this procedure requires numerous means making it tedious, expensive, and ought to be maintained a strategic distance from at whatever point conceivable for electronic marks. An electronic mark alludes to a procedure of appending an encoded mark to an electronic archive. There are various ways electronic marks can smooth out and quicken the agreement procedure. Dealings can be quickened in lieu of the fact that each progression in the process is validated and effectively got to by all gatherings, so basic issues can be hailed and followed until conclusive execution. 

DottedSign provides e-sign services that help the user to sign digital documents.

Developed by:

DottedSign was created and developed by ‘Kdan Mobile Software Ltd.’

How the app works:

Download and install DottedSign on your mobile phone. Using this application you can now sign any digital document as it is and avoid the tedious, time consuming task of printing and scanning and uploading the document. Also the sender can ask for e-signatures from the receiver and make sure that the receiver signs the document within the required time by allotting an expiry date and time.

Features of the app:

DottedSign has many exciting features which are given here.

  • The user will be able to set an expiry date to the document 
  • Assign various areas to the signers like texts and signatures
  • Import the documents from Cloud, email, and other applications
  • Thumbnail view indicates the singer where to sign
  • The app sends automated reminder for anyone who has not signed the document

Compatible with: