We all know that the best mode of marketing is word of mouth marketing because people will always prefer to talk about the good things they have had and experienced in life. They would also suggest others to try out what they have found to be the best. In this fast paced world anything that is good or bad is only shared via social media and Twitter is one such popular means.

You can be a small business group, service, agency or brand,  you might wish to discover the relevant tweets on this social media. This task is not a simple one. It requires a lot of time and effort. This web application named MyTweetAlerts, does this task for you. It helps you listen what your customers have got to say. If your clients are popular on Twitter and you need an alert whenever they are mentioned in a tweet, then this tool must be your ultimate choice. The tweet alerts are a complementary source of information and they always keep you informed and prepared.

The app allows you to find and classify tweets based on followers, keywords, favorites, tweets linking to your website, tweets from particular locations and a lot more. MyTweetAlerts is a sophisticated platform with a wide range of aiming options. You can receive the tweets alerts via email either daily or weekly. With MyTweetAlerts.com you can have a good control of all the email alerts. You get emails if someone tweets about some topic and he/she has more than X followers or Tweets about some topics that have more than Y likes or Y retweets. With an easy-to-use tweet alert dashboard in the app, you can create new alerts as well as modify the existing alerts. MyTweetAlerts tool assists businesses, entrepreneurs, bloogers and even freelancers in finding out what people are talking relevant to their niche. It is a seamless platform and a very useful tool. The interface of the app is very good. MyTweetAlerts acts as your little companion and is quintessential for anyone who needs curating content on social media.

You can even subscribe for monthly social media tips in the company’s website and clarify the doubts if you have any, via the website using your Email Id and phone number. This web application is free to download and the company offers paid subscriptions either monthly or yearly, which you can choose according to your needs, as you may be an individual or own a business.

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