What you are going to read is not just an app review but the smartest tip to secure your smart phone. You think your phone is totally safe because you have a password on it? Sorry to say but it may not be enough! If you want to really know how safety is ensured, I highly recommend you to try the PIN Genie Locker- Screen Lock & Applock.

Now let me tell you why is that and how it works: It lets you lock your screen, but that’s not all it secures your photos, videos, mails or whichever app you choose to lock. But what makes it unique and better than all other apps are the following features…

Intruder Selfie: Giving you a invisible power, PIN Genie secretly snaps a pic of those who enters a wrong password. So now you can easily find out who is having an eye on your data.

The 4-Button PIN pad: You can also call it the magic pin pad. We all have few people around us peeping into the display to get a glimpse our password when we enter it. But PIN Genie got it solved for you. If you choose this lock feature, you can set a password by pressing any of the four button that has your password. If your password has digits on same button you can press it twice and let others scratch their heads out over it.

All In One App: Want a heads up about weather before going out or need some cool wallpapers on your screen? No need to download additional app on your phone if you already have PIN Genie. Just slide your lock screen and and get instant weather info. You can use the wallpaper section to set home screen, lock screen and Themes.

The Smart Time Saver: It keeps your most frequently used apps at lock screen for faster access. Just slide the lock screen upside and access your favourites. You can also personalize this menu as per your wish. But do not worry if this frequently accessed apps are password protected, PIN Genie will prompt for password, as it never compromises with security.

So now one will wonder these many features! must be a large size app, but before you check for available storage app on your phone, let me tell you it is very smartly designed. You get all these feature packed in less than 6MB. Unbelievable right? Well That’s how it does justice to addition of word genie in its name.Needless to say all these unique features may make few feel that it is over hyped. So do not believe right away whatever you just read, go online and check the ratings of this app. Still not satisfied? What is your most trusted site for downloading apps… GooglePlay? Okay, open GooglePlay and see the no of times it has been downloaded. The number speaks for itself.

Why settle for less, when you can have the best? That too a better deal.

Note: This app is available for free. Download this amazing app and get carefree of your phone’s security.Possess the Genie power.

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