In this age where many people have a thirst for knowledge, watching a good digital channel that is both educating and entertaining is a great way to learn something new, especially for kids. With TV parents can easily lure their children to learn something new with the help of pictorial and video representation which makes it easier to catch the same content on their text books. With the competition growing higher and higher in the world, children need to be educated right from the start to have a proper lifestyle. Watching a variety of social programs on the TV makes children become aware of the norms and culture of the world. There are many channels that educate children and adults with the exposure to many different languages around the world which brings about a new civic sense and awareness.

 ‘Digital Entertainment Club DEC’ is a mobile based app that helps users watch programs and shows that are new every time.

Developed by:

‘Digital Entertainment Club DEC’ was designed and created by ‘DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT CLUB LLC’.

How the app works:

Download and launch the ‘Digital Entertainment Club DEC’ app on to your mobile phone or other similar devices that are compatible. The DECTV is a television network that was started in the year 2016 and universally broadcasts the changing lifestyle of the people around the world. This is a highly educating and entertaining app where people can catch documentaries and watch their favourite music video. It aims to give the audience a direct content in a matter of minutes

Features of the app:

Digital Entertainment Club DEC’ app has many attractive features of which some are listed here.

  • Highly educating
  • Unlimited content for the audiences to view
  • Enhanced support
  • Exciting music concerts and videos