The Play Store is laden with apps that ask a lot of irritating forms to fulfill, but there are apps that ease the work as well.  With this time of pandemic upon us, we all have a lot of time to spend with others. Using this opportunity, we could find love before things get normal. How could you search for a mate to date at this time? Am I Loved is an app with a fresh concept and a safe approach that ease the process of finding a date.

When you think of dating online, Am I Loved could be the best place to start. Am I Loved Android app belongs to the ‘Dating’ category in the Play Store. The app is simple and easy to use. The objective is to help you get the perfect partner for life. It is suitable for all those who are above 18 years of age.

Am I Loved asks you to choose a contact that you want to date with. It is like the most secure app of all the dating odds we have. It makes our safety their first priority as it has certain terms and conditions to be fulfilled before we start using the app. Once you agree with them, you are good to go.

You don’t have to answer annoying questions and post pictures. All it takes is just our choice to ask the contact we like to confirm for a date with us. The app gives you choices so that you can select the number of confirmations you want the particular person to make to date with you. You can select the date and time before these confirmations has to be reached. When you find that these people are interested in you, you can date the person.

Am I Loved has a very simple and user-friendly interface and kudos to the developer for giving us this neat app. The developer email helps you get answer to any questions and you can also make a note to them when you find the content to be abusive or illicit.

Am I Loved works fine with Android 5.0 or later versions. It app shows ads that can be removed when you make a purchase for £1.99. The app has a plethora of options that makes you comfortable to use the app. It helps you set the hidden mode ON/OFF and the confirmations mode ON/OFF. You can change your phone number and mark the notifications to be

ON/OFF. It contains a help and about section to make you cope up better with it.

Start downloading the app today and find the perfect match for your life. 

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