Dartboard refers to a messaging tool that enables people to connect audibly. The app was released on 14th January 2016. It was developed by Dartboard, LLC. This is a telecommunication service that was opened in the year 2009 and is located in Haddonfield, New Jersey.

The sound messages commonly referred to as darts can be sent to a group of people or individuals. The recipient of the message can listen to the sound message and send a dart to the caller. This makes it to be more of a conversational app as it enables people to communicate effectively and with ease. The app is compatible with iPod, iPhone and iPad.


How Dartboard Works

This app is very simple to use. All one needs to do is record their voice or any sound that is around them and send the dart. The person receiving the message then presses the picture of the sender to listen to the message.

Currently, there are four filters that enable one to transform the way their voice sound. These filters include Borg effect, Hunk effect, Helium effect and Invader effect. The filters allow one to sound like a space alien, alter the pitch of their voice and more. Whichever filter an individual use, they can be able to customize the way their voice sounds. The filters enable the messages to be more fun and unique. Incase one does not wish to change the way their voice sounds, then they can select the No Effect option. All one needs to do is to record the message, select no filter effect and send the dart.

The dartboard platform contains a “Quick Reply” option that links the responses automatically to whomever one is darting with. This enables individuals to hold an interactive conversation.

The app has a file size of 8.4 MB. One can download the app free of charge.



  • It has a user-friendly platform- Anyone is able to send their darts with ease
  • It is more interactive than voicemails. It makes communication to be convenient and easy.
  • The app is 100% free. You can download the app and use it to send darts or messages to anyone for free.
  • It enables individuals to send quick messages. Not only can one send messages to other individuals, but they can also send themselves quick messages or notes.


  • The app has no significant downside. The only issue is that if one fails to read their messages for a long time, the messages end up flooding the dartboard.

Final Verdict

The creation of dartboards has revolutionized the era of voicemails. Not only are they fun, but they are also a quick way of communicating with family and friends. The app’s meaningful and clear prompts enable it to be quick and easy to use. Furthermore, the user-friendly interface makes it simple for individuals to play and manage their messages.

Dartboard is referred to as the “Voicemail of the Future”. The sole purpose of the app is to convey recorded audio messages from the caller to the recipient. So far, the app has proved to be convenient in delivering audio messages and thus has made communication between individuals very effective.

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