There may be many ways to beat out stress, but with the increase in the number of smartphones, we can choose mobile apps to lower our stress and anxiety levels. Portable devices like smartphones and tablets can be used to bring down your depression and boost your state of mind, relationships with family and friends etc.

Daily App Journal and Guided Diary is a mobile journaling application that helps you beat out the stress as you write on it every day. Create your daily stories, track your mood and gather insights on your mental state using it. Once you start journaling regularly, you can reap the benefits of attaining mindfulness and gratitude. It is a guided journaling app with prompts and has a perfect mood tracker.

Daily App Journal and Guided Diary keeps track of your daily progress as you pen down how your day went by every time. It has different tabs that note down your entry streak, emotions, the number of times you logged in etc. It also asks you to jot down three victories of the day, like cleaning your room, exercising, talking to an old friend etc. This greatly helps in bringing out the best in you as it minimises your anxiety and depression levels and helps you focus on self-care and gratitude. The app has perfect reflection routines with audio stories that lets you focus on your self-care meditation.

I, myself personally loved using Daily App Journal and Guided Diary, as it brought to me the habit of writing a diary as we did in our childhood days. It helped me a lot to deal with something stressful that came up unexpectedly. When I write things down, I can feel the stress get minimised by the time I complete writing. Not just that, when I follow it regularly it helps me uncover my passion and personal goals. I can see what makes me go berserk and put those things at bay gradually.

Daily App Journal and Guided Diary is so colourful and easy to use. Once you start using this, you can understand how your regular habits turn out more positive and gain uplift at work and life. You can also boost the time you spend on your self-care and improve your self-care skills.

Daily App Journal and Guided Diary is good to download for all Android devices that operate on 5.0 and later versions. If you feel like you want more access to the premium version of this, you can choose the in-app purchases made available for you.

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