What was the last time when you’ve played an amazing endless fun game or you can say a game that impressed you much and not even bored you? Don’t remember? Yeah, actually, you haven’t played that kind of game recently. Because the game which you were looking for is in my pocket and I’ll show it to you today if you read the review below very seriously. It’s an arcade game which is difficult too and only one player can play the game on a device. The app which I’m talking about is called “Cube Brothers”, which is really a game of speed and endless fun.

Cube brothers will test your response or reaction in the game and will also check your finger speed. The main objective of the game is to clear the levels by passing through the obstacles as fast as you can. Your main task is to manage the objects together, which are on the right and left side of the path. At the same time, you have to skip the moving objects and drop them at the right time. You just have to focus on the game otherwise you’ll lose it. You’ll try original game changer control and experience something new in the familiar genre.

The graphics of the game are quite natural and it’s a simple one-touch control game. You can use any of the fingers of both of your hands and have to react to the upcoming objects quickly. You can compete with your friends and family for better results in the game. The background music is awesome and the pleasant atmosphere will let you fall in love with this game. You can customize and change the setting such as on/off music and other sounds.

This app is the very first version of Cube Brothers. However, there will be new updates very soon on the App Store. The app is compatible with all the Android devices having the latest version of the Operating System. Cube Brothers have been developed by the Gekko Games in the month of August, this year. It was actually made by Gera Gul’ko, Anastasia Prudnikova and Alexandra Klushina. Thanks to the developer as well as the maker of the game for such an amazing arcade game. There are no annoying advertisements in between the game so that you can enjoy it to the fullest!

Overall, the game seems very interesting and easy to play. However, the complexity of the game increases with each new level you play next. So, have fun with the Cube brothers and start playing it in your free time! Cube Brothers is totally free of cost. You just need to go to the App Store and download it.

Pros: one player game; unique technique and style; challenging game play; compete with friends; upgrade option available; get bonus coins by watching a video; user-friendly; addictive; test your skills; endless fun; one-touch game controls; free to use. 

Cons: none. 

I will give this app 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having App – Download the App