I run a construction company, and I had a cloud account to store the ideas and essential files that we needed to conduct our day-to-day business. My construction company has a significant number of clients and projects – all of which require lots of information to be kept about each one. Usually, I had to create many folders in too many separate places because of the types of information we needed to save – files could go on our computers, while photos often lived on my phone, and anything emailed to me often stayed in my inbox. And if I needed anything, I had to search among many different places and would find myself stuck hunting for what I needed causing significant frustration. 

When we nearly lost a job because I couldn’t find the information I needed, one of our workers suggested we try Bublup. Bublup is a cloud storage app that lets you save anything you want all in one place. Bublup helped to reduce the anxiety in searching for information and increased our productivity. And you can access it on your computer or mobile device, which is just what I need because I am often out on the job site and not in front of my computer. 

It solved our major problem of not being able to find what we needed quickly because it lets you make personalized folders that you can customize with logos or images. So you can quickly find what you need at a glance. And it made us more organized because you can save anything you need for a job all in one place – files, documents, PDFs, photos, design plans, videos, and more can all be put in the same Bublup folder. 

I think the coolest feature about Bublup is the “roll.” Whenever I need to explain a plan to my workers or clients, I can “roll” my plan up into an instant web page created by Bublup and share it with them by providing a simple URL. I’ve never seen this kind of “Rolls” option anywhere else, and it reduces our workload by about 50%. This method of sharing is very impressive!

However, if I want to collaborate on the plan, I can also add my clients to my folder by giving them access. By making a folder a group folder, my client won’t see my company’s entire cloud account, but simply the one folder of information I want their input on. And I can allow them to interact with my folder with multiple levels of permissions. It makes working together a breeze because I can upload any kind of information to my account like voice messages, files, videos, photos, diagrams and, etc. Also, bookmarks and web pages can be saved with a single tap. 

Bublup can be accessed from anywhere through desktop or mobile phones by simply using your username and password. Bublup has both an iOS and Andriod app you can download from the App Store or Google Play. And Bublup is dedicated to protecting a user’s privacy and data making it a safe and secure space to use. If you have questions, you can reach out to support@bublup.com.