Liquid Avatar takes advantage of blockchain technology to give you an easy, secure way to share information while maintaining privacy. The app is available on iOS and Google Play!

The app lets you make a fully customizable digital avatar to represent an online persona. You can create avatars for every facet of your life, family, friends, gaming, work, you name it. Fully customizable and verified using a cloud-based biometric scanner, your digital avatars will be as unique as you!

The next layer of the avatar is public information, this is the information available to everybody. Then you have the private layer, permission-based information you can choose to share with select people. babynamesdiary

They are based on the advanced architecture of Self Sovereign Identity (SSI), moving the process of digital ID authentication away from third parties to being under the control of the individuals.

You can create avatars for free, or purchase premium ones in the marketplace. Some of the avatars have been created by emerging and celebrated artists. Because avatars can only be owned by one person at once, they can be bought and sold as commodities too – if you want, that isn’t an essential part of using Liquid Avatar.

To download the app and create a Liquid Avatar today, visit the App Store, Google Play or