Being a woman, have you ever come across an emergency situation where you felt you need help but was difficult to ask for. Many a times we women are put under dangerous situations while travelling alone or at work or study places. Whatever might be the situation, we must safeguard ourselves and keep us on guard in advance.

Lucrative Innovations has come up with a hands- free, voice-activated  safety app to protect all women. As you activate that app, it listens to the situation where you might need help.

Users will have to login to use this app using their Email Id, Facebook or Google account. Covert Alert lets you to manage alerts, purchase text/minutes, keep track of your recordings and invite your friends via mail.

This hands-free safety app ensures that you are silently protected. Your predator is unaware that you have called for help. When you are under peril situations make use of the button in the app so that the app recognizes your voice and ensures your protection. When you shout out loud, the voice activation feature of the app recognizes your words and sends the default set messages to the designated contacts.

The coolest feature of the app is its voice-activate texts that can be sent to colleagues or friends and family. The apps comes at your rescue when you want to escape unprotective meetings, or get away from robbery or other life-threatening situations. Covert Alert starts recording what’s going on around and reports the location via GPS.  It gives you the advantage of sharing your GPS location with your family and friends by sending instant alerts and messages to your contacts.

The voice activation feature of the app that goes on by user indicated keywords or numbers is the numerous uno quality of the app. The app allows you to record audio of about 15 minutes under emergency times. The audio is saved to the user’s devices as well as in the cloud for later retrieval.

Covert Alert is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app has many add-ons that can be purchased. With the Covert Alert app, you can alert the emergency personnel or your loved ones and let them find your location under dangerous situations. The app can be downloaded on all iPad and iPhones with iOS 11.2 or later versions.

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