If you already own an iPhone, then you are enjoying its many capabilities that surely help you a great deal in many portions of your life. Besides being able to call and send/receive text messages, your iPhone allows you to watch and record videos in HD (newer models), play various types of games, organize your life with utility applications and even create documents. If you are new iOS customer, definitely check Apps Pirate if you want to know more about the best iPhone apps and read other tips and how-to guides. Applications aside, did you know that now there are cool gadgets for your iPhone that you absolutely cannot live without? Well, that’s stretching it a bit too far but these gadgets can make things even better! Here are some of the new must-have gadgets for iPhone owners everywhere.

So, to start things off, you know how you always wished that you could watch TV on your iPhone without having to connect to the Internet? You can do that now by purchasing the EyeTV adapter for your phone. It is very simple but ingenious at the same time. It is a plain adaptor that you will connect to your 30-pin connector on your device and it will enable your phone to receive TV signals. The best part is, you do not need a WIFI connection nor do you need to have a 3G or 4G plan to experience this. You only need to buy the device, which costs around $100, and you can enjoy watching TV anytime, anywhere!

Moving on to another cool gadget for your iPhone, the iXtreme iPhone Adventure and Gaming Case is something you should not miss out on. If you are confused as to why it says “adventure and gaming”, let us explain. The case is built to withstand extreme conditions and provides a wide range of support no matter what you do. Plus, it comes with hand grips so if you are playing a game, you can use them to relax your hands. That is the reason why it is called a gaming and an adventure case! Although this is just a project for now, visit the Kickstarter website and find out how you can make this a part of your iPhone gadget arsenal.

An app worth having for your iPhone is the Red Eye. If you are the type of person who is constantly in turmoil due to lost remote controls when using your DVD player, TV set or any other appliance, you can use this app to control them all. First of all, this is a free app so that should be reason enough to have you download it. However, the best part about it is that Red Eye allows you to edit, customize and control a lot of your electronic devices at home so you don’t have to go scrambling for the remote control ever again. It is very simple to use and you can customize the layout, too. If you love music but are having a hard time with the volume due to the speaker’s limitations, then you might want to buy the Griffin Air Curve Amplifier for your iPhone. It’s a little under $10 and works wonders for increasing the volume of the music that you play.

Finally, if you want to scare the living daylights out of your friends and have fun in the process, then you should have the iPhone-Controlled Beetle. It is what it is. A remote-controlled robotic bug, which you can move around using your iPhone! The bug comes with a transmitter and can be controlled for 20 minutes. Have yourself a laugh and get this awesome gadget for your iPhone!