Conx2Share is a great iphone app. It’s going to change our life in an easier version. Through this we can have all the digital communication system in one single touch. I can connect with all of my friends and family in various ways. Like sending a picture, text, video or a file. Using this app all of my friends and family can post in all the social networking systems. Like facebook, twitter and instagram. This is a combo app. Can you believe it’s possible to have all the social networking site in one single app? Yes it’s not dream it’s true. It has some unique qualities. Through this app anyone can share a post in all the social networking sites or can select where they want to post it.

This app has added a unique option for the quality business brand. Business organizers can show their products in this app as well as they can sell their products through this app. There are some other features in this app. Like business brands can show addsthrough the app. Not only brands but also customers can have the opportunity to do all the staffs in a single app.

There are some unbelievable features in this app. Like through this app I can tweet more than 140 characters. I can take pictures directly through this app and can edit it. In editing I can add text at anywhere in the picture. I can share the picture or can send it to individual persons. They can see the text in the image and if they want with a single click they can remove the text. What can be more precious than this feature. You are writing in a picture virtually.You select whether you want the picture with text or without text. Another feature is sending a video. I can send a one minute video through this app. As like picture I can write down anything in the video. There is a option in the video section by which I can remove the text automatically after being viewed.

In a single line no one can describe about this app. This seems to be a future app. Because it has the future features of all the apps. Everything in a single app. You can share contact, picture, video or anything you want to share with your friends and family in your own style. It has many features that will surprise you. You can aspect everything you want from this app.

So friends the future is here. Just use it for a single time and believe me you will miss the app whole day long. In my opinion the biggest feature of this app is you can maintain communication with a whole community. As time passes we are getting more busier and busier in our day to day life. So this conx2Share app has made the necessary changes to gear us up. Through this app we can save our time, internet billing as well as can free us from the disturbance of logging in to different sites. I think this app going to make a revolutionary change in our life. Hope it will hit the marketplace.

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