Constant hacking into your contacts especially on the cloud server has become one of the problems that many people in the contemporary world face. Do you want to take control of your contacts? If so, the introduction of ContactShield which protects your IOS contacts gives you the freedom to control your contacts. You have the freedom of choosing which kind of information should be encrypted with a single tap whether phone numbers, emails or addresses. This encryption requires you to create a simple password to remember but on the side hard to duplicate. Harmonization of the app with the cloud server encrypts the data on the cloud server and now you have full control of your contacts and highly protected.



Contacts Search Capability

This app allows your finger to work for you; you only need the side writer alphabet to minimize your flipping of your fingers and directly go right alpha type and Daniel…. Yes the contact you need appear on the screen. It’s possible with ContactShield. The app provides an easy to use search function which works best on the coded contacts enabling you to effectively search for the contacts.

Encrypts or Decrypts All or Single Contacts with A single Tap

This keeps you contacts in a coded form, limits other people from having the encrypted contacts but only allows the rightful owners with the use of a password. The contact IOS is changed into a coded form which gives the contacts high secure from constant attacks. The app uses the AES 256-bit encryption algorithm, defined as secured, sound and safe. How it works is amazing as a tap on the ContactShield icon does all for you.


Auto-Detect Of Address Book Changes

You don’t have time to update your phone book? Then, with ContactShield you will save more hours of copying and pasting your address book and a best up-to-date phone book. The app helps to change from the manual system of updating contacts to the automatic update; the app has the option of detecting any change in the address book and updating on the changes. –

Fields Encryption Settings Per Contact

This is one of the newest technology that takes in the normal data details stores in coded form making it hard to be accessed by an intruder, an intruder in this case is on with no password. This is the restriction offers total security to your contacts. Encrypted fields are coded with the use of AES 256-bit algorithm master key which you can delete, record and introduce all your contacts details. Encryption makes the contacts appear as text fields which is hard to read and manipulate. With the use of external ID makes it more secure of your contacts from frequent hacking.


Add/Delete/Modify Contacts Within ContactShield

Do you have problems in removing those contacts that you longer need or modifying? ContactShield app helps you change the details of your contacts or erase those you longer need.

Final word

Great app! It gives your contacts a perfect protection from applications which can access your contacts with an attempt to hack into the address book.

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