If I ask you to point out one major difference between the world that witnessed the starting of our race and the world we see today, what will it be? Many of you might say the present world to be more developed, right! But on what scale do you measure the development? Roads? Buildings? Schools? Or we can sum up your answers into one: Construction. If a country is developing, large scale construction projects are normal. The more is the construction; more are the opportunities for the people in the current as well as future scenario. Well, I don’t want to give a lecture on the importance of construction. But construction can be fun as well. You don’t always need to learn the concepts of physics and engineering first to build your own tree house! So if you’re ready for such a fun and entertaining session, let’s explore your talent!

Construction Crew is all about refreshing you and keeping you in a close proximity to the endless joy. It’s an Android app that has been developed by Tiltgames. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 2.3 or any later version of the OS.

Construction Crew is a very amusing game, I must say. You’re the controlling many different vehicles at each level and you have to deliver a box from one side to another. But there are some constraints that restrict your freedom to do so. So what you have to do is take your mind “out of the box” and ask it what possible solution it can think of. If you look at the whole scene broadly, it’s a puzzle or a maze that you have to get out from. The solution is right in front of your eyes and you just have to figure out what possible sequence you can use assuming the abilities and capacities of different vehicles.

There are 12 kinds of vehicles and 75+ levels. Each level poses a new challenge and a new excitement takes you over. Talking about the graphics, this app has got it all to surprise you. There are 5 different worlds that the levels are distributed into and they’re all amazing. The moment you tune into this app, you’ll get hooked instantly. I mean the scenes are so simple yet so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off. The animations work without any hesitance and it’s all beautifully coordinated in a single app that we call Construction Crew.

So this game has got an interesting gameplay, stunning graphics and a nice background soundtrack! So it has got everything that you can possibly wish for. Another possible feature that you can desire is a cool price tag. So is there anything better than “free”? Yes, the app’s available for free in the Play Store.

I don’t have a reason to not download the app and neither do you. I have downloaded the app. Have you?

Pros: intuitive controls; beautiful graphics; 5 different worlds; 12 vehicles; 75+ levels; free.

Cons: none.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App for Android –  For iOS