Connexion app is designed to help cultivate meaningful and lasting relationships. It comes with a uniquely designed and customised matching system, developed to make those lasting connections. The matches from the app results and translates into quality dates with incredible longevity; exclusively no hookups.

Connexion app provides a broad reach and the reliability of contacts, as well as the peripheral acquaintances to increase the chances of getting a match. The larger network of individuals and contacts increases one’s trust, confidence and the feeling of wanting to start date. Moreover, with the help of the ‘smart profiles’ feature, one can see all of the shared contacts at the press of the button. Connexion app has a trustworthy verification process that will eliminate bogus profiles, time wasters and fishers. Only those that are serious about getting a match will go through with the app’s verification process.

What makes the app unique?

What makes the app different and more reliable from others matchmaking apps, is its network of contacts. The connections include your friends, relatives, co-workers, peers, etc. It is all those contacts in one’s network that are ready and willing to help you find that perfect match. The app can do this by introducing you to all the other singles that are available in the network.

Moreover, there are no strings attached or any other complicated requirements and infringement of personal privacy. All they will be asked to do it to share all of their contacts with you and the powerful Connexion app search filter will do the rest. The procedure involves one searching, liking the contacts and matching then the connections will automatically become the ”Connexion.”

Additional features of the Connexion app

The apps dependable verification process allows one to trust the app that they are dealing with legit and real individuals. It keeps out all those that are not serious, saving everyone time.

· The smart Summaries features will show you the common contacts so that you can be able to see the connection between you and your matches.

· The powerful search engine also filters and searches the entire network of contacts that you want to see, and bring you closer to meeting your match.

· Unlike other dating apps, the Connexion app allows you to make your choice on who you want to see and who sees you from the time of signing up. The app allows you to delete or conceal those you do not want. Also, the Connexion app allows you to invite other individuals anonymously, to join the network.· Receiving winks as well as messages only from those contacts you like

Available languages and compatibility

The Connection app comes in a wide variety of languages including English, Russian, Turkish, French, Hungarian, Korean, German, Polish, Finnish, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish and many others. The app is only compatible with iPhones, iPod touch and iPad. It also requires iOS or later versions. The Connexion app can only be downloaded and installed by those older than 17 years and not those under.


There are many amazing features on this app designed to help connect those who are serious and are interested in meeting their perfect match. There is, however, a small subscription fee of about $11.99 to $15.99 depending on how long you want to feature. It ranges from one month, three months, six months and twelve months. It is worth noting that the longer the duration, the more you save as compared to the monthly subscription.

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