TikTok and Snapchat are responsible for some of our generation’s biggest viral challenges. Whether it’s dance routines to songs, lip sync battles or doing tricks with your pets – new challenges are cropping up every day.

Compete is a new social media app built around the magic and fun of viral challenges. It’s simple to use – you browse through categories, find a competition and create a short video to enter. Not sure if you have a talent or skill? There are challenges for almost everything, from makeup artistry to sports.

Using the inbuilt video editor you can shoot, edit and spice up your videos with cool effects and music. Simply submit your video to the challenge and watch as the votes roll in. You’ll be able to like, comment, vote and share other people’s videos, too. You don’t need to participate in challenges to enjoy the app, a lot of the fun is in browsing trending content and other people’s submissions!

If you win, prizes can go as high as $5000 so there’s definitely a huge incentive to give it your all!

The app aims to be a safe, inclusive and authentic space for people to have fun and be themselves. You need to be 13 or over to use the app, and under 18s need consent from a parent or guardian to use it. Compete also promises a zero-tolerance policy on offensive, discriminatory, violent or sexual content to build a safe, fun place for all.

For more information on Compete, visit the App Store, Google Play or www.competeapp.net