In today’s fast paced business world, time is the greatest commodity many professionals have. Using that time to the fullest means you’re getting the most from your workday. Clockodo helps busy professionals with multiple clients or projects keep track of the time spent with each. Looking for an app that would help me accurately keep track of the time I spent on the phone or on site with clients; some with multiple projects, I found Clockodo.

Relatively easy to start: I began by creating an account on the website. After a brief tutorial explaining the features and benefits including sample data (which can easily be removed when you are comfortable with the using the program). I was able to begin using the APP immediately. Although when I attempted to login into the APP from my iPhone, I had some difficulty with the password being recognized and was locked out after multiple attempts to login. I gave up trying and requested password help. It was that support email that informed me I was locked out for at least 44 minutes. That seems a bit long for a time keeping APP.

Adding my clients and customize the tasks I wanted to track was easy and simple with the user interface. Timing my tasks throughout the day was easier as I am often jumping from one task to the other or from one client to the next. I simply paused the stopwatch changed the client or task and started the clock again. Clockodo automatically tracked the change and added the time segment correctly. I found this process to be super easy, but fear not, if you’re the type to make notes and recap your daily activity later, Clockodo allows you to manually enter your time and tasks.
If you are working as part of team, Clockodo has the right stuff for that too, Other members of your team can add time they spent working on projects and meeting with clients. The setup is customized with levels of access to allow some employees or coworkers the ability to see only features you allow. And time entries by anyone can be selected as billable or non-billable hours!

Payroll reports can be generated from Clockodo by employee, project or client. You set the parameters of the report with easy drag and click icons. Reports can be spaced for whatever time frame you decide. You create your workweek and add non-working days, holidays and other days off for your Team Calendar. Your employees can request time off through the APP and with your approval its added to the schedule and their payroll records.

Clockodo allows you to interface to your accounting program for easy payroll processing. You can even invoice from Clockodo and import that data. If you need to move large amounts of data, the APP supports importing and exporting of .csv files. The simplicity of the program even allows API interface for future developmental needs.

An easy to use APP that features robust time management is a key partner in the world of business. I recommend trying Clockodo for you and your team.

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