Although long adventure games are in vogue at the moment (the longer the better it seems) they’re more often than not really hard work. Sure, it can be very rewarding to complete a sixty hour slog and emerge at the end victorious, but occasionally players crave something that’s a little less demanding. The new wave of idle clickers, which became popular a couple of years back, are here to fill that gap. The idea behind them is that you can progress through the game by simply clicking endlessly, which makes it easy to enjoy in short bursts. Developers Alley Labs have taken the traditional idle clicker and elevated it to new heights with splashes of action adventure and zombie gore; their Final Fortress – Idle Survival is out now for iOS and Android.

The game throws you right into the action with precious little explaining; which is exactly the way you want your idle clicker to begin! You’re immediately clicking away for your very survival as you try and construct a tower capable of repelling zombie attacks; the world has ended, and what remains resembles some kind of nightmare realm where money has no meaning and gas is the only commodity worth anything.

As far as nightmares go though, it’s a pretty appealing one; the design team deserve a shout-out for their remarkable graphics, which are one of the highpoints of the whole experience. The colours are vivid, the character designs are varied and fun, and the whole package is just a pleasure to look at. Factor in some seriously addictive gaming and you have a recipe for a near-perfect app game.

Fortunately, the gameplay can easily match the design; the construction trajectory is extremely satisfying, as you’re always interested to see what the next floor (fifteen in total) may bring. At first the amount of gas you’ll need to click for can seem disheartening, but when you get into it, you’ll quickly find upgrades and shortcuts to quicken your resources. In the middle of all that fun is the zombie fights; you have to arm your tower appropriately to defend against the incoming undead, and even take down some pretty scary looking Boss Zs while you’re at it.

Ultimately, the blend of idle clicker and action-adventurer is a real winner, and deserves a spot on your smartphone. If you like the sound of Final Fortress – Idle Survival, get zombie bashing today at the App Store and Google Play!