Clairvoyant CAKKHU is one of the hottest Android apps on the market today. NAMA did the seemingly impossible when it launched an application with technology able to identify well-known everyday items based on only a simple photo. And not only does Clairvoyant CAKKHU wow users with its abilities, but with a playful, easy-to-operate interface perfect for all ages.

When consumers enter the app, they are welcomed into a fairy tale setting—the private study of a fortune teller, a large red/gold rug stretched out across the floor, fire sconces hung on either wide of the wall, a a crystal ball in the center of the fortune teller’s table.

The clairvoyant in this story is known as Ms.Cakkhu, dressed like a princess in her long blue dress, flowing golden hair topped with a whimsical fortune teller’s headpiece. Ms.Cakkhu’s expressions show it all based on her ultimate success or defeat in naming each item.

How It Works:

Users take photos of common items around the house, or more unusual items to try to stump Ms.Cakkhu. Photos are then uploaded to the app, and appear at the top of the screen, above Ms.Cakkhu’s fortune telling table.

One of the app’s strong points is its intuitive layout when it comes to capturing the perfect image. The screen is split in two, with the selected image in the top half and a camera icon down below which users can access for photo retakes.

Then it’s time to see what her artificial intelligence can really do when put to the test. A dialogue box will pop up, where Ms.Cakkhu asks questions like, “This is a cup, right?” The user then has the option down below to select whether or not the clairvoyant has shown herself to be truly psychic or just another gimmick. If unsure, Ms.Cakkhu will prompt the user by saying things like, “Umm, it’s surrender. Please cooperate in my learning. Would you send the picture and right result?” The user then has the option to retake the photo for better quality and resubmit, or not. Lastly, if Clairvoyant Ms.Cakkhu i still at a loss, the user will come to a third screen requesting to “Please input the one which has its photograph taken” to improve Ms. Cakkhu’s accuracy with future uploads.

Results can easily be shared with friends and family via messaging, email, and social media using the share’ icon in the upper right hand corner.

Imagine the future potential for an app that grows smarter the more you use it, as it becomes more accustomed to your photos’ subject matter and builds up its own catalogue of image sensory information. Although the app’s layout is playful and meant for recreational use, similar technology could go so far as to aid the visually impaired, for example.

For now though, users can simply enjoy anticipating Ms.Cakkhu’s next confounded reaction when you snap a photo of a single kitchen tile, a portion of a shoelace, or the label on a cereal box.

Clairvoyant CAKKHU has been recently updated, including 1-5 installs. It runs on 44M. The content rating is listed at PEGI 3.

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