When it comes to electronic gadgets related to networking and data sharing, hardly any contender surpasses the technical wonders as offered by the world-beaters CISCO both in terms of quality and durability. The CISCO TelePresence 3000 is a proud presentation of CISCO and is very highly regarded as the premiere video conferencing gadget all across the globe among business owners and corporations alike.

Pros and Cons:

The high-definition video output from three 65”plasma display screens stranded in front of a six-seat panel allows the participants of the video conference to interact with each other in a real-time simulation. All this is made possible with the help of three high quality cameras that capture a close view of the person in focus while the audio is captured through a digital surround-sound speaker system placed just under the plasma screens.

The audio and video output of the gadget has to be lauded more than just satisfactory despite the raised concerns about its price which, according to most
critics, is slightly on the higher side especially considering the fact that the recently introduced H.264 video compression technology is missing in the cameras which result in the on-screen picture quality of these cameras look pretty soggy.

Apart from this, the overall prospects are rather promising in this video conferencing gadget from CISCO. There have been no reported cases of ominous delays in the video transmission given the relatively large size of the display devices. The sharpness aspect is commendable too with almost all the displayed text deemed as satisfactorily legible by most users. The sound quality has been noted to be quite loud and clear, thereby making CISCO TelePresence 3000 a worthy purchase for all your teleconferencing needs.