I have found an app that can finally not only help me as an adult with kids still in school, but help my kids as well. I cannot say enough about Catchup Math and how it has helped all of my kids, and their friends. There is no age limit for this program which makes it ideal for families with kids in several grade levels, including college.

I had come across this app on my ipad when I was trying to find something that would allow me to be able to help my daughter with her homework. After downloading the app I found that it would not only help her, but my son in middle school and my college aged son as well. This is a very versatile and easy program for all my kids to be able to use. I even found myself using the app so that I could brush up on my skills and it was actually fun to use.

The first thing that the app has everyone do is take an assessment to have a better understanding how each individual places in math. This helps great to make everything tailored to each student. The lessons are fantastic and easy to follow with videos and step-by-step instructions. I noticed that my kid’s understanding of their homework has increased along with their self-confidence in knowing the answers. Even their teachers have raved about the level of improvement with both my school aged kids.

As a parent, there is nothing harder to watch than your child struggling with a subject in school that you can’t even help them with. So I am even using the app now to enhance my knowledge of math so when they ask me for help I don’t feel just as lost as they are anymore.


  • There is a free trial period
  • Works for multiple age and grade levels
  • Makes learning math fun and easy
  • Easy to navigate around the app for different topics
  • Taught by actual teachers and professors
  • Bilingual (English and Spanish)


  • Each of my kid’s accounts had to be bought separately
  • Isn’t available on Android
  • In app purchases are required to enhance the learning
  • Local schools aren’t using the app yet

With all the apps available to me and my family I found that Catchup Math, even though it’s up there on the price range compared to all the others that I looked at and tried, is the one that works best to help my kids understand this sometimes difficult subject. I love that each one of my family has math lessons that are set up just for use and not generalized to everyone, making learning easier for all of us. My kids no longer are fighting me to get their homework done, at least not in math anyway. I feel like I’m being a better parent as well because when they come to me for help, I can actually help without everyone being frustrated. It’s no longer a source of headaches around the house when my kids come home with math homework and need my help, but lately they rarely do.

Worth Having App – Download the App