Have you ever played a physical adventure game in which you solved a series of puzzles using hints, clues and some strategy to achieve the goals? Didn’t get what I want to say? You might have played a room escape puzzle game in your childhood where you were locked in a room and you had to find out how to escape from that situation? That was really being amazing game of the childhood times. But what if, I’ll take you in the medieval times and give you a challenge? Are you ready to accept it? Let me tell you about the challenge! The challenge is in the form of a puzzle game called Castle Breakout.

It’s a room escape puzzle game where you have to escape from the room through clues and hints provided to you at each and every step. There are more than 10 levels to play. Each and every level is very challenging, however interesting. The first seven rooms are 100% free to play. You can then pay for the last three rooms and a dragon ride around the castle grounds.

In the beginning, it seems a very tough task to do and what you have to do can be very confusing at times but easy to figure out!  You’ll be provided with hints and it’s very helpful as the inventory says what the item you have and what you have to do next! For example- in Room 1, you have to pick up the knob, then place the knob and so on. There are different goals for each and every room.

Your task is simply to play the role of a security expert and make sure that the castle is safe and secure. There are lovely little comments about the character you’re playing as! You can unlock the magical ride on dragon by finding the clues and solving the challenging puzzles in between the gameplay!

There are fascinating rooms, from where you have to go through! A senior member Anterwirp will accompany you along with your way and you don’t have to  ask him what he does with castle rats. You can choose different swords, spears, potions, crowns and more ensure the safety of the castle.

Castle Breakout has been developed by Cloudburst Room Escape. The app allows to be compatible with Android Smartphones running the latest Operating System on your device. It offers stunning photo-realistic 3D graphics and engaging set of puzzles. The animation is great and beautiful which gives you a real experience. You’ll feel like you’re touching each and every object you want to! This game sets the highest new standard in the room-escape genre in the year 2017.

The concept of the game is very simple. This latest version of castle breakout has minor bug fixes and little improvements such as 3D animals have been added as the part of the puzzle. You know that, over 1,000 hours of super-computer rendering, and intriguing puzzles which were easy as well as hard, have made this medieval retro art style puzzle game superb!

Keep playing and enjoy being in the medieval times!

Pros: humorous; enchanting storyline; intricate clues; challenging room escape puzzle game; more than 10 levels; medieval style game; super-addictive; 3D graphics; awesome quality; free.

Cons: free.

I will give this app 4.4 out of 5 stars.

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