Augmented reality is pretty cool, right? We’ve seen it used across countless games and apps to provide a more immersive, memorable experience. Well, now Captum – available on iOS and Google Play – makes it easy for businesses to leverage the power of AR to better advertise their services to customers.

Using the app you can turn any brochure, flyer, business card, poster or other printed marketing material into a fully animated AR ad for your business. It only takes a moment – just shoot the video and scan the image you want to attach the video to. When a customer scans the image using their phone, they’ll see your video!

Imagine having lots of ads for properties in the window of your real estate business. Using Captum, customers could scan those ads on their phone and immediately see a virtual tour of the house! Yoga studios can attach promo videos of their classes to their business flyers and business cards. No matter what industry you’re in, AR video is a powerful tool that can help boost your business.

Using Captum you can take advantage of true multimedia marketing. Instead of handing somebody a business card, you’re creating a memorable, positive experience for the customer. They’ll be able to see your ad or a sample of your services in action right there, rather than having to browse the web, find your website and get the information the long way. What’s more, Captum lets you embed links into the videos, so customers can be taken directly to your web page after viewing the ad. It creates a seamless experience for the user and will help any business close more deals.

Leverage AR marketing to grow your business – download the app now on iOS and Google Play.