The London based company, Cambridge Audio is now considered as a more than just a household name and it also became one of the highly admired brands among the users who look for more than just sounding stereo components. Recently, Cambridge Audio has plunged into the wireless speaker market with a sure bang. Its latest gadget, Minx Air 200 runs over AirPlay as well as Bluetooth and also streams internet radio in home network. Here we have tried to give you quick highlights of Minx Air 200, which is one of the highly admired gadgets.


The front of Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200 features grey fabric grille which is slightly curved. It is well suited for indoor use and thick layer of rubber across its bottom helps to protect it from accidental nudges and scratches.  The rest part of the body is made up of plastic material which looks very similar to the metal. This makes it clear that Cambridge Audio has tried to invest significant part of its budget into sound as well as other features.

Sound Quality:

The Audio Minx Air 200 features patented Balanced Modal Radiator (BMR) of Cambridge. In its earlier model, these drivers were responsible for entire sound of device, but in latest models smaller BMR drivers are matched with huge bass drivers of 6.25 inches. The device is also designed to deliver highly wide sound dispersal instead of conventional cone driver.


The combination of internet audio, Bluetooth and AirPlay is a strong selling point for Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200. It is very rare to see all these features in one device as manufacturers usually tend to choose one over the others. Whether your tablet or Smartphone is Windows, Apple iOS or Android, all of them are compatible with Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200. It is definitely amazing news for all the households who have Smartphone devices of different OS. The same thing is also applicable to desktop computers and laptops. The only thing you need is a home network connection so that you will be streaming it in quick time.

Perfect Vibrators:

The most vital thing about any music system is its sound and Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200 sounds extremely amazing on wireless speaker. Even in extremely complicated tracks, it is very convenient to choose timbre in vocal performances. Though bass offers lot of presence, the device certainly lacks in richness and subtlety of mid-tones. A user can also adjust bass volume easily, but sometimes it adds minimum frequency rumble instead of extra detail.

Bottom Line:

Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200 brags about its amazing wireless speakers along with Bluetooth and the only thing which will let it down is its fiddly setup process and interface. It is nothing but dynamic, powerful and open sound of Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200 which will make this wireless device highly desirable alternative in most competitive market. Though it looks like an unfamiliar sector for Cambridge Audio, but it has jumped into this highly growing market with all enthusiasm.