Do you currently use any Calendar app for all your business tasks such as appointments, meetings or events? If you are into business, you definitely use a calendar app for scheduling meetings and setting the reminders.

However, an ordinary calendar app doesn’t perform so many advanced functions except setting time, reminders, important dates, etc. It doesn’t tell you about the information of the participants of the meetings or the events for knowing them better. But, if you use an advanced calendar app you’ll get insights about the participants, who are attending the meeting or the company with whom you’re cracking a deal. So you need to upgrade your Calendar app to the app that discovers everything about the people and companies you meet. Yes, it can be possible just because of a new app launched known as Calendar.AI, which has been developed by Sync.AI.

With Calendar.AI, you will get rich insights on people, including bio, social profiles, job titles, employment history, contact information, etc. Because, you know that a meaningful relationship begins with a better understanding of your clients. And you will get to know them better with this amazing app. You will know about the company details, latest news, funding rounds, key members and many more things. Basically, this app lets you prepare for your next meeting. It acts as your personal meeting assistant. You can also get the latest attachments from your previous meetings, private and shared meeting notes, and action items.

While scheduling a meeting, you can add notes, agenda of the meeting, meeting minutes, and share it with your colleagues or the participants. You can also add private notes that are only visible to you and quickly write shared summaries, and other items to the scheduled meeting. You will feel confident if you have prepared yourself for the meeting by knowing these parameters. This is known as smart scheduling which is possible just because of the Calendar.AI app. It has been compatible with all the latest Android devices. 

Calendar.AI enables you to set your availability, (at which time you are available for the meetings) and let the clients select meeting times on its basis. You can invite one or more than one participant and schedule big or small events as per your requirement without any back-and-forth emails. You can connect your Google Calendar, Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook Calendar with this app. Moreover, you can connect multiple Google accounts with this. This appointment scheduler enables you to schedule events within a couple of seconds.

You need to just set your availability and let the invitees choose the best time to meet. It schedules meetings 10x faster than other apps.

While scheduling any meeting or events, you can add a video conferencing link if you want to organize a live video call via some of the platforms such as: Zoom meetings, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Skype. Overall, the app displays different beautiful calendar views such as agenda, a day view, 3 days, week calendar views. Last, but not the least, it also displays the weather forecast integrated into this app. I must say that this app is worth using for all the business purposes!

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