The days when good old tape recorders, amplifiers and speakers were extensively in vogue to produce some extremely high quality audio output of our favorite music beats seem to be long gone. In fact, the succinct manner in which the technical engineering maestros have been able to pack all those exquisite little capacitors, resistors and circuits into a small little kit used in MP3 players, iPods and mobile phones these days is simply remarkable. The best part of the whole musical gadget package is the optimum sound quality which the mod day earphones are able to generate. However, when it comes to purchasing these trendy music gadgets, there are a few key aspects, which the buyers must keep in mind.

  • Most mobile phones these days carry the tag of ‘Express Music’ or ‘Walkman Sets’ which surely indicate that they have been specifically designed with special provision of playing high quality audio and multimedia files. The music mobile phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson and LG are worth mentioning here.
  • Always purchase a music gadget that has the support for highly acclaimed 3.5mm audio jack, which has been best known solution so far in producing incredibly loud and crystal clear quality sound when aided with a well-branded earphone.
  • A music gadget with memory card support allows you to store as many audio tracks on your device as the card’s data storage capacity. There have been devices introduced in the market with memory card support for up to 64GB to store hours of music tracks. Therefore, the battery timing aspect must also be taken into consideration.
  • In case of an MP3 player, you are almost assured of getting an advantageous support for one-touch multimedia navigation keys. However, there are certain mobile phone versions, which support this feature too.