Buddypass Chat app has come out as one of the best app when it comes to instantly connecting different people from with different interests and passions. Actually, regardless of where an individual is located, this great app has made it pretty easy to mingle and interact with other individuals in the surrounding area. Interestingly, the entire process is simple and fun due to the integration of user-friendly interface. At first, one needs to update on details relating to different interests, passions and hobbies then proceed to interact with other individuals with shared values. This can be facilitated by creating an event, creating or joining a group and even planning for an epic adventure. Those individuals who are interested can receive invitations and after knowing each other, they can engage in those outdoor and indoor activities with great fun.

The Operation of the Buddypass Chat app

As a beginner, one will discover that this app has adopted a simple interface that makes it quite efficient to use this app. The initial step is to update the profile with information regarding own passions, interests, hobbies and pastimes. One can then proceed to discover new people who are located within the surrounding geographic area and have shared interests and values. Buddypass Chat app offers an efficient platform where new people can comfortably chat and share different fun-filled experiences with each other. Besides, it is the only app that allows both interaction and physical meetings between individuals while attending different hobbies, events and other indoor and outdoor activities. It is time to try out this fantastic app and invite other people to do together!

Here are the exceptional features that have been displayed by Buddypass Chat app:

Meet friends and people nearby

Buddypass Chat app is all about connecting individuals who tend to share different passions, interests, hobbies and other pastime experiences. Its main objective is to bring individuals together where they can share opinions and ideas besides having fun. Interestingly, it indicates the proximity of different individuals thus making it easy to meet and interact.

Create and amazing event and invite people

Planning to go for movie watching, volleyball playing or soccer playing? There is no need to worry. Buddypass Chat app will ensure that one is completely covered through offering a fantastic company. It is all about creating an event, presenting it to the group of new friends or sending invitation to those who can probably make. Surprisingly, one will be amazed on how real such events will be successful.

Come up with new hobbies

If one is new to some hobbies that are offered in the surrounding area, why not try some of them? Some of the hobbies being done may include watching community movies, joining business club, horse riding and even rugby playing! As one of the users of this app, an individual can come up with suggestions and organize on how to make such hobbies a reality. Besides, some hobbies such as chatroom gossip sessions can be made quite active through constant interaction.

Establish strong friendship ties

Through continuous conversation and interaction with Buddypass Chat app, one will come to discover how great friends can be made. Each time individuals communicate and chat, they get to know each other better. One will also identify different interests, passions and opinions of other people. Besides, creating an event and meeting can also stimulate the friendship ties.

There are some of the Pros and cons which have been identified in this Buddypass Chat app:


· Very efficient in connecting people

· User-oriented and simple to use

· Fantastic graphic display

· Fun-filled experience when meeting people

· A chance to create events and enjoy together


· Affected by mild sexual content

· Issues of bugs; should be fixed

Final Verdict

Buddypass Chat app is a top-rated app that is committed in connecting different individuals with ease through efficient chatting. It perfectly achieves this goal by bringing together individuals with shared interests, passions and hobbies. Besides, it initiates great interaction that is full of fun and excitement. With its easy-to-use interface, users have an easy time while chatting. It is absolutely an app worth getting. It is currently available for free at App Store. Don’t miss that chance!

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