Ever thought of an app that can help in identifying fantastic deals on brewing and beer locations? This sounds pretty interesting. For the beer lovers, this can be an incredible opportunity to enjoy quenching thirst in closer locations at a relatively affordable rate. To make this possible, the American Homebrewers Association has come up with the amazing Brew Guru app. This interesting app has been uniquely designed to offer a wide range of information; this includes recipes, tips and resources. They can be used to facilitate home brewing process or even help the beer lovers get cost-effective locations for their consumption. Thus, such individuals can enjoy huge amounts of beer while spending relatively small money. Truly, this is a great top-rated app that brings great satisfaction and excitement to its users.

Operating the Brew Guru app

From the design applied in this app, it is clear that one will find it quite simple to use. It comes with a dashboard platform that displays closest deals for its users. It also provides other latest news from the American Homebrewers Association to keep its users well-acquainted. In order to boost easy location of places, the Brew Guru app has adopted location-based map. This enables the beer lovers to track nearby breweries, pubs and breweries. Additionally, this app comes along with a wide collection of recipes, pieces of advice and other amazing resources. This is meant to help in home brewing and guide beer lovers on how to greatly enjoy their beers. The efficiency and functionality of this app makes it exceptional and thus worth getting!


Below are the unique features that are exhibited in this Brew Guru app:

Efficient locator

In urgent of brewing supplies? There is no need to have any worries. This is because the Brew Guru app has brought the ultimate solution when it comes to quickly accessing different supplies. On the other hand, whether an individual needs to quench thirst or need to eat something, this app will assist in locating nearby pubs, breweries and brewing supply outlets with great ease. This can be a chance to enjoy fantastic deals offered!

Try out the brewing recipes

It is notable that many Americans get a chance to brew beer once in a while in a year. In relation to that, it is apparent that there is need to have the needed resources and tips to make the best beer. Such great information is essential in facilitating the entire process of brewing beer. Besides, the user gets a chance to be equipped with excellent skills that can make the brewing experience amazing.

Account Settings

The app has integrated “My Account” feature that contains information of the AHA member. This also comes along with the digital membership card that can be used by different members to enjoy the benefits available. Actually, there are Member Deals that can be accessed by members who can proceed to make collections completed. Besides, members are offered a chance to renew their digital membership cards in order to continue enjoying such services and benefits.

Latest AHA updates

Apparently, the users can get access latest information from the American Homebrewers Association through the dashboard platform. Such information may contain new collections available in the market, cost-saving locations and how to improve the process of making the best beer. Actually, this is bound to equip the user with great skills to enhance preparation of beer.


The user will discover that this app currently work well with Android 4.4 or any new version. This is meant to ensure that its performance is consistent and meet the expected needs of the user.

Some of the Pros and Cons identified in this app include:


· Easy to identify close breweries and beer locations

· Fantastic benefits enjoyed by members

· Great deals that cut down costs

· Lots of resourceful information for brewers and beer lovers

· Amazing themes and graphics


· Inconsistency due to pages downloading slowly

· Performance affected by bugs


It is apparent that Brew Guru app is the ultimate app when it comes to meeting the needs of beer lovers and brewers. Whether it is about getting the supplies on time or quenching incessant thirst, this app offers the best solution. This is through providing the user with necessary information on locations and resources that can facilitate beer making. This is a must-recommend app for brewers and beer lovers as it makes life pretty simple and enjoyable. Get it today from the Google Play for free!

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