If you’ve had your iPhone 6s Plus for a while now, you’re pretty comfortable with it. You’ve figured out the settings, downloaded your favourite apps, and used it to film some pretty visually stunning videos. But, as time goes by, the spark that made you excited about the 6s Plus has disappeared. You look at your phone and you don’t get a thrill for owning it anymore. To bring back the delight of opening up the 6s Plus’ box for the first time, give your iPhone 6s Plus a makeover with a wrap.

An iPhone 6s Plus wrap is the easiest way to breathe new life into your phone. Applied like a sticker, it clings to your iPhone’s casing and buttons. But don’t worry, unlike a sticker it can be taken off multiple times without ruining the integrity of the wrap or the look of the phone. While the underside sticks to your 6s Plus, the outside displays your unique style and personality in bright and vibrant colours. There’s a wrap that matches your fashion sense, as you can find textures in metallic, leather, matte, and carbon fiber. You can also mix and match with true colours like green, blue, orange, red, and yellow. Imagine how distinctive your iPhone 6s Plus would be when it breaks free from the silver, gold, space grey, and the new rose gold templates.

You’ll get all of the benefits of owning a new iPhone, like the 3D Touch, Fingerprint sensor, and A9 chip with 64-bits. But you won’t be saddled with a run-of-the-mill looking phone that you share with millions of iPhone users. An iPhone 6s Plus wrap isn’t just great for your fashion sense. It also protects your phone from scratches, dents, gouges, and grime build-up. Its precision cut 3M vinyl makes it a tough defender of your iPhone, as it covers every square inch of this bulky phone and stands up to rough surfaces and sharp objects that – without a wrap – would annihilate your iPhone. Not every skin provider can guarantee this level of protection in addition to style, so be sure to shop around.

A quick google search is all it takes to find some of the best brand names in the industry. Of course, you can’t beat the quality wraps for the iPhone 6s Plus by dbrand as they’ve perfected their process to make the best fitting, coolest looking, 3M vinyl wraps. They definitely set a high bar in your research, so be sure to check them along with the other providers you find. Wraps are cheap enough that you can get two or three for your iPhone, so you can mix up your look. You’ll never get bored with an iPhone 6s Plus wrap affixed to your phone. And if you ever do, all you have to do is go back online and order a new wrap, and it’s like you’re getting a new phone all over again.