Just like many other music lovers, I’ve always had this eager desire to carry my speakers into the shower. But wait a minute… a speaker you say? Using an electronic gadget in the shower? This is sure to get spoiled with a single drop of water getting inside, preventing me from being able to use it again. So in fear of losing my favorite speaker permanently, or more simply, the fear of spending my whole pocket money on repairs made me abandon the idea. But now I feel as if someone has really heard my wish, and has done the best to come up with a unique solution to my case. After I used the BOOM Movement Urchin, a gift from my brother, I have to say that I am flattered with its features. The BOOM Movement Urchin is a tiny device that looks really interesting with its blue cover. The product is available at Audiogurus, a well-known speaker store that offers some of the latest trending speakers and electronic gadgets while also providing decent discounts on purchases. The Blue Urchin, which normally bears the price tag of $149.95/ea is now available at Audiogurus only for $99.95/ea.

My experience

Now, let us get back to my experience with this latest device which is sure to be liked at a first glance due to its unique design and look. This portable speaker comes with an interchangeable silicon cover which makes the gadget fully water-resistant, allowing the speaker to be used anywhere, indoors, outdoors, in the rain or in the shower. The device comes with a suction cup which can be easily mounted on your bathroom tile or glass allowing you to enjoy your favorite music while taking a shower or reclining in your bathtub. The gadget is designed with the motto to offer maximum portability, with the dimensions of 3.88”x 2.25” x 6.25”, weighing only .75lb which makes it an idealdevice for carrying on the go. It also comes with a sturdy metal made carabineer that can be used to clip the speaker to your backpack and even has an adhesive-backed screw mount allowing you toeasilymount it to the dashboard of the car. This speakeruses Bluetooth technology to enable the user to stream audio from their smartphone, laptop, tablet, or any other Bluetooth compatible device.

The sound quality and my verdict

The Urchin gives out a high quality, clean, intensive sound with a hard driven bass. With its advanced form of wireless technology, the Bluetooth v2.1+EDR, it definitely ensures a strong connection and improved reception of signals. The built-in battery can last continuously up to 8 hours, and it can also be charged easily through its USB charging cable. It has a wireless range of 30 feet and is highly resistant to shock. With two built in speakers possessing a 100 Hz to 18 kHz frequency, this product is offers a respectable quality of sound and can serve the full purpose of a worthy portable speaker. I am a happy user of this latest gadget and I perceptibly suggest that other music lovers grab the device before it goes out of stock!