BookSteam offers a well packaged appointment scheduling software tailored to small, largeor enterprise level businesses,be it a solo RMT massage therapist or a large consulting firm. The interface is very easy to use, with clearly setup appointment time slots that have resize and drag-and-drop functions. You and your employees will benefit greatly from the scheduling software since you no longer have to deal with client phone tagging.Scheduling part of your business will be automated and done online.

Scheduling Process

You can quickly and easily get started with BookSteam’s scheduling account after you define locations, staff members and services. If you have an existing list of clients (.csv or .vcf file), you can easy import them into BookSteam system since adding clients one by one would be a time consuming process. After imputing necessary information, your listing scheduling webpage will be ready to accept appointments online. Simply advertise your scheduling listing page to your clients online by using social media or an email campaign. Once customersload your scheduling mini webpage they will be able to select location closest to them, choose their staff member and book selected service all on their own, at their own convenience. Administrators and staff members can also schedule clients in manually inside the calendar.


Instant Notifications

One of the best feature of BookSteam’s scheduling platform is client notifications. When a client books an appointment online, based on account settings, he will automatically receive instant automated email and SMS confirmation. Clients excuse “I forgot” will no longer be valid as he will also receive an automated appointment reminder twenty four hours before his appointment due date. Appointment reminders can also be in the email and sms form. Every time you make an appointment modification, email notification can be sent to the client with a new updated information. BookSteam’s notification system will reduce your no shows drastically and improve your client’s attendance.

Multiple employees

If your business has multiple employees that take appointments, BookSteam is the software to have. All of your employees can be added to the same account and given access based on permissions. If you want Sally to manage all locations, Sam to manage clients data and Monica to just have access to her calendar, all that can be done in BookSteam. Everything is organized in one place, and you as an owner can overview your entire business online.

In the cloud

BookSteam is a web based application which means everything is done in the cloud, your data is stored on secure server and backed up frequently. You can access BookSteam through your computer or a mobile device, all you need is an internet connection. BookSteam is fully mobile optimized which means when you or your clients access the app on the mobile device, system automatically detects the type of device you are using and adjusts the interface accordingly.


BookSteam has flexible pricing model. If you’re a solo business it will cost you $19.95 per month. For businesses up to 5 locations and 5 staff members it’s $29.95. Medium business with up to 10 staff members and 10 locations will run you $39.95. Larger businesses with up to 25 staff and 20 locations is $69.95 monthly.They also offer annual plans, you would need to contact them. This doesn’t seem too expensive considering how much time and money you will be saving with this system, BookSteam can literally replace your receptionist. Visit their site at for more information and try their 30 day free trial with no obligations.