If you are a game enthusiast then count yourself lucky if you have either an iPhone, an iPad or any of the iOS devices with you, given that right now the introduction of a game known as the Bonfire Trail has brought to all those game loving enthusiasts quite an interesting, fun filled and captivating game experience right on their handsets or on their smartphones.The Bonfire is an international award winning game and to those who have played it will clearly tell you that it is quite an addictive, character inspired action puzzle game that is characterized with bonfires ,meteors and various hungry monsters.


This Bonfire game is actually, a simple, eloquent and a beautiful story of some two cute and very lovely and lovable characters. The story, about a character known as Woby, some little burning meteor, who in this game is charged with the task of rescuing Layla, some cute pink meteor. Apparently, Layla is the lovely girlfriend to Woby, and so Woby has to rescue Layla before he can find their way back into space. However, the task is quite will never be that easy, it is indeed quite a heavy task since along there are some food loving monsters that are searching for some fire to cook their meals and may get attracted to Layla and Woby as part of their catch.
Therefore, Woby has to evade these creatures through some 80 unique hand drawn levels that has 4 different themes, all in the bid to escape from the hungry monsters. Woby will therefore need to burn various elements to try an distract these unique creatures which apparently are located along his way, all in the bid to try and save his girl and to collect all the gems. Remember that you are the player here and so Woby needs your help to go through these challenges.

For a more enjoyable experience with this game Woby will be required to collect all the gems in each and every level.The gems that are available at every other level comprises of a white diamond and a red ruby together with some blue sapphires. Thus collecting all of the gems will help to unlock a very special side of the story here thus making the game even more interesting, fun filed and of course, even more challenging.

You will realize that this is a feature filled game with a special story to be unlocked, it is suitable for all the ages, with both hard and easy modes to play. While playing the game, you will simply need to play it with just a single finger tap in a rather fun and in a more challenging way.Interestingly the player does not take direct control of Woby but instead places markers through the touch screen for Woby to follow, all while sneaking around some of the ingenious monsters in the bid to try and evade the grisly end, through an exciting game experience to the player. However, if you are playing this game you will some times notice that Woby sometimes refuses to co-operate effectively to some instructions, hence talking longer and even more dangerous routes away from the maker, or even somehow not able to circumvent an obstacle which are clearly passable. But that said, the game is generally interesting and enjoyable and so if you are a game enthusiast it will be worth the purchase.

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