For many, the word Bluetooth is restricted to the hands free device one can associate to. In broader terms, the Bluetooth technology makes it possible for users to share data within a short range. The data can be in the form of files that are transferred from one device to another or the audio data that the phone shares with the car’s built in speakers. Hands free calling as mentioned earlier is also featured by the technology. Bluetooth for cars is an effective way to keep drivers in touch without putting themselves in the dangers of a road accident.

A Bluetooth designed for cars can be of several types. More appropriately, the technology uses different profiles in order to cater different needs. Here we will talk about seven Bluetooth profiles and their usefulness while driving. The profiles are:

  • Hands Free Profile
  • Phone Book Access Profile
  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
  • Audio/Video Remote Control Profile
  • Serial Port Profile
  • Message Access Profile
  • Secure Simple Pairing

The hands free profile as the name implies lets you use and communicate without having to use put your phone to the ear. Most individuals know only about this type of profile. With this profile, you never have to worry about the technology’s compatibility with your phone. The profile serves its purpose by allowing your phone to send and receive audio data to the car’s speakers.

If your phone’s contact list is what you want to access then Phone Book Access Profile will do the job. Fidgeting with the phone during driving can end up costing you your life and the life of the passengers in the car. This profile enables your phone to sync the contact names and numbers with the car’s hands free system.

Pair up your MP3 with the hands free system present in your car and Advanced Audio Distribution Profile will serve as a wireless connecter to enabling transmission of digital audio to the audio system of the car. However, using the profile you may across the quality which will vary with the range of bit rates. The profile is also known as audio streaming.

Similar to the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, the Audio/Video Remote Control Profile lets the driver play and pause tracks while driving in the hands free manner. An upgraded version of the profile also puts to use commands such as singer name, album name, song title etc. Skip a track and play your favorite one, this profile lets you do it all.

Internet in the car? Now it’s possible! The serial port profile makes the impossible possible by making use of an external device and connecting to the internet using the data plan of your smart phone. Browse the internet for maps, direction and more. A useful Bluetooth profile for sure!

We know how much you love texting and the Bluetooth technology now knows it too. Stop being annoyed by the buzzing message alerts and have them read aloud while you continue to drive peacefully. The text to speech system easily reads to you the message received.

Another profile that users are mostly aware about is the simple secure pairing. This is all about pairing your phone by inputting a simple PIN number such as 0000 which is set as default for many phones. Pairing devices was never so easy!