Baidu Inc. which is also known as BY-doo in English is a Chinese web service company. It was incorporated in the month of January of 2000 by Eric Xu and Robin Li. Both of the founders are Chinese nationals who had spent much time in abroad for study and alter return to China before launching this search engine. Headquarter of Baidu is in the Baidu Campus in the district of Haidian at Beijing at China.

Baidu is a search engine for websites, images and audio files and also offers near about 57 community and search services including searchable discussable forum, Baidu Baike and an online built encyclopedia. Baidu has achieved 6th in the overall Alexa Internet rankings. In the year 2010 a survey had done on which it is estimated that Baidu had a market share of 56.6% out of 4.02 million search queries in China and in the second quarter of 2011 Baidu has 76% internet search revenue share. At the greatest thing is that Baidu has got the tag of the first Chinese Company to register its name in the index of NASDAQ-100. Over 80 million images, 740 million web pages, and more than 10 million multimedia files you will get in Baidu. The multimedia content of Baidu are of high quality which includes movies and MP3 music and not only that it is reckoned as the first company in Chine to offer Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) based mobile search. Recently Baidu has released its smartphones named Changhong H5018.

Baidu offers various brilliant services which are unique and also are fruitful. The services are from different fields which include services to locate products, information and services by using Chinese terms. Baidu also provides spell checker, news, postbars, stock quotes, advanced search, videos, images and also information regarding weather and flight and train schedules along with these you will also able to know other local information. For Apple iOS Baidu application are available. Several amazing services are discussed under the below heads:-

  • Baidu Postbar – It acts as query based search community which helps users to exchange their views, knowledge and experiences. This online community is tightly bound only with Baidu search service.
  • Baidu MP3 search – Here you will get algorithm link of the songs that you are looking for and also can get other multimedia files. Baidu help to locate files formats like WMA, MP3 and SWF and the media search files is mainly given to search Chinese pop songs.
  • Baidu news – Baidu provides links of different national, international and local news and not only that the entire search stories are provides in searchable formats. People enable to see different viewpoints on a particular story with the help of automated display link process. After getting license from Chinese government and from Chinese Industry Baidu became full fledged news website.
  • Baidu Knows – Only registered members of Baidu Knows can able to post questions and other members respond to it along with the answers if it known. Thus members can clear their quarries easily and thus acts as query based search community.

There are numerous services of Baidu but some are mentioned here. Baidu is one of the best search engines and it has gained the highest popularity in Chine because of its amazing services. Use Baidu search engine to feel its beauty.