Axvoice is an internet phone service that offers its services to the subscribers in the US and Canada. You can use Axvoice to make both nationwide and international phone calls. Axvoice offers call plans for all kinds of phone calls. The basic division of call plans is in between business phone users and residential VoIP users. Let us see what each phone user can get.

Business call plans

Axvoice has subdivided the business phone users into two categorizes based on their business size and offered each of them a call plan which best suits their specific requirements. Small business plan is for small and medium sized businesses which want more features on their hands plus extra free minutes as well. Axvoice small business plan starts at $29.99 per month. The other business phone users are the home based businesses which are seldom taken care of. A budget friendly call plan is offered for these home based businesses named Home Office (SOHO) plan. This plan starts from $14.99 per month. More than 25 service features are offered including facilities like; online account management, equipment, call forwarding, and blacklisting etc.

Residential call plans

Residential phone users are provided with two kinds of call plans. One category is specifically tailored for nationwide phone callers while the other one is for phone users with international phone calls. Residential or nationwide plans are further subdivided into four plans for making nationwide phone calls. These plans include; residential US / Canada $8.25 monthly, US / Canada 200 $5.99 monthly, Pay as You Go $4.99 monthly, and Outgoing Only $0 monthly. International call plans include; residential international $16.58 per month and residential international $29.99 per month.

Service features overview

Axvoice offers more than two dozen different kinds of service features. There are many features that are provided by Axvoice which other VoIP providers provide as well. Let us have a look at the advanced features offered by Axvoice

Call logs

This feature allows you to view all your phone call activities including missed calls, received calls, and dialed phone calls. Few VoIP providers offer this kind of facility despite of the fact that it must be provided as a necessary feature by any phone service.

Enhanced voicemail

With the help of this feature you can check your voicemail by logging through internet.

Voicemail notification via email

You can get email alerts whenever sends any voicemail in your voicemail inbox.

Free in-networking calls

You won’t have to pay any bill for calling users who also use Axvoice.

Softphone support

You can use software called softphone to use the VoIP service provided by Axvoice.

BYOD support

BYOD or bring your own device feature helps you use the VoIP equipment of your old VoIP phone provider on Axvoice phone service by paying a nominal amount. This saves you money that you invest in your new VoIP provider’s VoIP equipment.

Voicemail management via web

You can manage all your voicemails through web with just a click of the mouse, which makes managing voicemails a lot easier.

Ways in which you can use Axvoice

Axvoice can be used in three different ways. First, you can install the software softphone on your PC and run it as a PC based VoIP service. Secondly, you can also use it by installing it on your mobile phone as they provide the softphone support for your cell phone. Lastly, you can use it as a regular phone service which provides VoIP ATA equipment.