There is no doubting the significance of a reliable and properly installed hardware setup in a video conferencing arrangement, but that just constitutes half of the criterion for conducting a successful conferencing session. An effective and fruitful video conferencing is never possible without the presence of equally trustworthy and complementing software (application) which shoulders the responsibility of connecting the tangible aspects of the meeting with the operational ones. One such very fine example of the best video conferencing application is that of AuraLink. Presented by the audiovisual and video conferencing experts Cenero.

Features of AuraLink

AuraLink has been consistently ranked as one of the most comprehensive and contemporary video conferencing software, which packs all the core features that are required to cater for all your conferencing needs.

  • With an unparalleled video quality backing, AuraLink beckons to be the ultimate solution for your optimal videoconferencing needs and picture-perfect display requirements.
  • There is also an added facility of High Definition (HD) video support included within this application.
  • AuraLink keeps a close check on the available network bandwidth and manages any fluctuations in your internet connection to ensure a smooth and undisturbed conferencing environment.
  • With the advanced application sharing feature, organizations and participants can easily transfer vital data files among each other during the conference. No other video conferencing makes the data presentation as convenient and as interactive as does AuraLink.
  • A capacity to record and save all the communicated data during the meeting makes AuraLink a truly secure conferencing tool to work with.

All these features, when coupled with an extremely affordable procurement price and an ever-active customer care support, make AuraLink stand in very good stead among its other counterparts.