In order to raise the standards higher, Asus N series is being widened by the inclusion of the series’ latest model, the N46VZ. Improved audio solutions, integration of an external subwoofer, a refreshed Ivy Bridge and a brand new Nvidia graphics chip is what makes this latest Asus production unique from the previous models the series consists of. The laptop delivers a powerful performance and gives you an always connected experience. A matte display, cleaner chassis, and the backlit keyboard will give you the reasons to fall in love with the N46VZ.


With most publicity images that have been published, the laptop is shown to be thin which is not actually true. No image exhibits the real size of the laptop’s side profile which makes it difficult for potential buyers to have the perfect idea about it. The brushed aluminum lid which bears the Asus logo and glows when powered on, gives the 14-inch laptop a premium feel. Located on the upper right corner, once you lift the lid, is the power button while on the other corner is situated a special shortcut key. The keyboard is decorated with a Bang and Olufsen logo which implies the audio being provided is by the company. The keyboard is a good attraction constructed with well sized keys which are backlit giving the laptop a desirable feature. The touchpad made by Elan is much sensitive and supports two and three finger gestures for several purposes.


Being superb design wise and offering a resolution of 1366×768 pixels, one would expect it to have a resolution slightly higher. The audio quality of the N46VZ is very similar to the one found in N45SF. However, the integration of an external subwoofer has made the device unique. The 14-inch hardware comes with three USB ports namely HDMI, VGA and Ethernet which use the latest version standard 3.0. Intel Core i7-3610QM (2.3GHz) processor, 4GB RAM and 750 GB storage with Windows 7 Home Premium OS are additional features of the N46VZ.

Review in comparison:

Compared to the Acer V3 the N46VZ, the former is better because of its 8GB RAM while the latter offers exactly half of it. However, the battery efficiency of the Asus was higher than that of the V3. The Asus model lasts up to 4 hours and 21 minutes.  If we analyze the big picture, Asus’s efficiency is less than the overall efficiency noted with other Ultrabooks.

Furthermore, when compared to the HP Pavilion dv6, N46VZ appeared to be a competitor. Even though, the prices of both devices were almost same, the HP model came with a full HD display. Here it is important to note that Acer and HP provide with the device only a year’s warranty while the Asus models provide coverage for two whole years.


The N46VZ is a good piece of N series however most critics see the pre-loaded apps as a major drawback. Only some apps like the battery indicator and volume control, the others are rather unnecessary and slow down the performance. Other than a small drawback, N46VZ is a good multimedia laptop to invest in.