We are in distant future; Asteroids Crack Multiplayer transports gamers four centuries ahead to the year 2415. The Earth Space Centre, formed by all nations of the world. Its main purpose is to protect the Earth from space disasters. Just outside our solar system, Earth Space Centre has detected a massive asteroid raging towards the Earth. Human kind will be completely vanished if these asteroids hits the Earth. A Joint Operation is held and special space crafts are built to destroy the asteroid engaging towards the Earth.


“Asteroids Cracks Multiplayer” was launched on June, 2016 and gamers are loving the game. According to Mike Leenaars of LAWB, Asteroids Crack Multiplayer is very easy to understand how to play, and is instantly exciting and challenging and he is not joking. And because there are so many levels to climb, along with the new multiplayer option, people don’t have to worry about getting bored. Whenever they want to have fun, whether they’re alone or with friends, they simply launch the app on their device and start blasting asteroids. Multiplayer of consists if max eight players.


Game is very easy to play and very responsive. Not to mention, this game is also very addictive.Real-time multiplayer functionality adds a whole new dimension to the game, as players can join forces to protect earth from total destruction, or they can fight against each other to see who will triumph.Multiplayer is very fun to play. Does not take a lot of time to join a lobby. More importantly its gives you a first person view also which is kind of cool for an arcade game. The games also have great sound effects. Now you are the chosen one who is going to save the mankind from vanishing.


Graphics of this game are not that bad but are very good for and arcade type game. Developers did a good job in designing this game.

Game Rules:

Game rules are simple enough. You hit Green asteroid, you get 10 second protection. When you hit the Gold one, you get double points for 10 seconds. When it comes to the red ones, even in protection you have to hit them twice which can be a little annoying. Because You Know; Read is Dead. If you do not hit the red ones, its game over. When you feel like killing yourself, just hit the any asteroid and you are dead, “Game Over”. To get to the next level, you have to destroy 10 asteroids. After completing the level, you get 1 model and 100 points.

Main Requirements:

The game requires only Android OS 2.3 or higher.


Excellent arcade-style graphicsGreat sound effects (with mute option)An “Awards” screen to showcase the best pilots of all time (based on medals earned)


The only problem with this that you have to purchase it and it costs about $1 at Google Play


Single player is very good and multiplayer is more fun. The developers totally nailed it.

LAWB has also developed a website containing more information about Asteroids Crack Multiplayer

Website: Asteroids Crack

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