We are living in a dynamic environment where information, knowledge and opinion can be easily shared. There are numerous platforms developed to facilitate such an interaction. In the recent past, users of such platforms have shown great interest in connecting personally. This is either through chatting or even through making efficient calls across the world. One such app that has been on the forefront in connecting different users with influential people is absolutely the Askers app.

It operates by allowing users to ask high-profiled individuals different sorts of questions. Some of the common influential personalities may include the politicians, celebrities, industry leaders and other experts from different fields. Apparently, users are able to get varied answers from the questions in form of recorded messages. Such a personal, engaging experience makes this app unique and worth having!

The Operation of Askers App

It is notable that the developers of this app were keen to ensure that this app is well-designed and simple to operate. Askers App displays an efficient platform where the user can perfectly communicate with any influential person around the world. The approach applied involves the use of questions to get voice answers. There are numerous categories that an individual can choose from when it comes to asking questions.

Whether it is a celebrity, politician, expert or a sports person, this app offers the best information about them. Besides, the user will be required to incur a small amount of fee when it comes to sending the question in order to get the voice message. In relation to that, there is also a chance of making some earnings. This occurs when an individual shares the voice message with the Q&A platform where it can be downloaded by people.

Compatible Devices

Currently, the best suited device for this app is Android 4.0 or any new option available. This is because such a device has displayed great capabilities in delivering exceptional performance.

What about the features that are displayed by this app? Here are some of them:

Connect with influential people

Askers App has presented a unique chance to its user to ask any unique question to preferred celebrity of choice. It can also be a leader, politician, expert and other high-profile people. This is truly a momentous opportunity to have a personal and engaging experience with different influential people. One gets to know them, understand their cause of achievement and even feel motivated.

Great questions for great answers

Apparently, one will come to understand that this app uses the question-answer approach. Once an individual has selected the preferred categories, the next thing is about creating and sending the question asked. This can be achieved after paying a small amount of fee. On the other hand, the answer is provided through a voice message. After listening to the response, an individual can proceed to share such information and get some earnings in return.

Make money from recorded voices

The app not only allows an individual to listen to the recorded voices, but also share them through the Q&A platform. This implies that if the content is hilarious and captivating, it might end up being downloaded by other Askers App users. Thus, this offers a unique opportunity where one can get a considerable earning from different downloads made.

Share knowledge and opinions

One will discover that this amazing app comes along with a platform where personal information, opinion and knowledge can be shared. This implies that an individual can create different voice answers from different topic of expertise and share it with others on the Q&A community. Besides, an individual stands a chance of making some earnings once such content has been downloaded.

Below are the Pros and Cons of the Askers App:


· Amazing platform for use

· Great personal interaction

· Efficient performance experienced

· A platform for making great earnings

· Answers obtained from different questions


· Bug problem encountered

· Unstable performance due to slowdown


With the continuous changes in technology, communication has been continuously enhanced each day. This has made interaction quite easy and efficient as displayed by this fantastic app. Users can now have a chance to make their dream come true by getting quick answers from their favorite celebrities. This is a must-have app that is worth downloading. Don’t miss to get it from the Google Play platform!

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