Arranged Marriage is one of those thrilling endless games. With the recent support for Android Operating System, users can now experience unlimited 3D fun. The game has many features that enable virtual access to the India cities and towns. The main mission of the player is to run away from a forced marriage and never return.


Improvements in this version:
– The run game has been improved to enable the player experience a real-life situation through enhanced 3D effects.
– Previously, the game had issues with Google Play Game access. It is now easier to access without difficulties through all Android devices.
– The new release has been optimized for use on various Android devices. This makes it user friendly.
– Improved visual effects make all game features clearly visible from the screen.

Key Game Features:

Ability to Boost the Speed
By default, the player has a limited or set movement pace. To increase the normal speed, the player can collect speed-boosters on the road as they run. Collect as many as possible and run faster to reach the target destination and avoid arranged marriage.


Coin Magnet
Collecting gold coins along the road is away to earn more points in the game. Coins are not easy to collect and are sometimes hidden in obstacles that can be hit easily. To reduce the risks involved in hitting the obstacles, use the coin magnet feature and attract them from their far locations. This ability is also useful as it avoids delay that may reduce player’s speed and goal of running away. The feature adds ability to run safely and with fun. The Coin Magnet acts simply as a shield to protect against obstacles while running.

Horse Riding
The horse riding function enables the player to compete favorable against the arranged spouse. This feature has the advantage that, just like running, the player can collect the gold coins while riding and increase the horse’s speed. Although the speed power lasts for several seconds, the player should utilize the opportunity at their best.

Hen Power
This feature is available when riding on the horse. Once used, the horse can run faster making it much simpler to reach the target destination without getting caught up by the arranged spouse.

Available Live Leader-board
As one of the online games, you can check live results from other players. The scores are updated according to ranks – from the best at the top of the list. This enables the player to enhance their moves and improve in gaining more points so that they can be featured on the list. Your position against other players is also available on the live dashboard. This feature makes the game extra adventurous and entertaining.

Bonus Power Up
The feature gives the player ability to gain 2 times power for every gold coin collected. Without this feature, the player increases speed but twice the speed is gained from this extra power up.

Additional Features
The game is social and engaging. The player can invite friends and challenge them for a run. It is fun competing with other players and beat them. The winner enjoys the achievement of not being married for the longest time, especially to arranged marriage partner.

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